Employee Transportation

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1. Rental package does not include Fuel, Toll, road side assistance and Taxes.

2. Member should have a valid Adhar card and a copy of the same to be submitted along with an Address proof.

3. The customers shall use the bike entirely at his/her own risk and agrees that our company will not accept any responsibility or be held accountable for any loss, injury or death as a result of, or leading from the hire of any of the vehicles.

4.The bike shall be returned back to company in the same condition in which it was handed over to lessee.

5. customer is responsible for any traffic violations incurred due to your use of a rented vehicle. Company is not liable for any costs from any such violation.

6.One signed copy of the contract is to be kept by each party.

7. Fuel is client’s responsibility. We will be giving you sufficient fuel to reach the nearest fuel pump

8. If the helmet is damaged or lost, a charge of Rs. 900 will be levied since these are branded helmets which will be provided to you.

9. In case of theft, the customer is liable to pay, in full, the market rate of the two-wheeler

10. In case of an accident or collision, the rider members are accountable to pay a standard amount towards the accident insurance not exceeding Rs. 15,000(which may vary depending on the severity of the damage). The members are bound to pay for the repairs incurred due to damages caused by the collision/accident.

11. .In case the vehicle returned is found excessively dirty/muddy, the customers will have to bear the charge of washing.

12. In case of engine fault or failure, the customer needs to contact the vendor or Field Executive before getting any repairs done. The original printed invoice is mandatory to claim reimbursement for the same.For any cancellation or refund, it takes 7-10 business days for the refunded amount to reflect in your bank. account.

13.You can’t leave or abandon the vehicles without the written permission of Thewheels2go or its authorized business partners. There is a fine of up to a full security deposit, and legal action will be taken against you

14. user must return the vehicle in a clean condition. An additional cleaning fee of up to INR 200 is applicable if the vehicle is returned in a dirty condition.

15 No refund if customers return the vehicle early from their drop time.